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   ※ ゲーム・小説・映画はSF・ファンタジー・コメディ等様々なジャンルを翻訳しました。 文中のスラングに関しては注釈をつけます。アダルトなテーマも勿論大丈夫です。日の下に新しき事なし、恥ずかしがらずにサッとこなします。




I have been translating Japanese to English and Russian since 2004, polishing my translator skills, my English, my Japanese, at the same time making a point in being a jack-of-all-trades to ensure my translations on most topics look as professional as they are meant to be. My experience makes me hope you would appreciate my literature, business, and science-related translations alike, and I sell myself rather cheap because I love translating!

IT articles, math essays, chemistry of metals lectures, architecture and spatial design, health, arts, automobile mags, company sites, I can do; documentary, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy novels, movies, comics are a-fine!

Adult themes — sure, when there's nothing new under the sun, being shy just slows you down.

Gaming, IT, verse translations are my personal favourites, I like games, programming, and songs.

Personal or business correspondence is what I do almost daily just for myself, why not for you?

Modern slang — heck, I'm no kyorojuu and I stand my ground, I'm putting references in your modern slang so you can read (between the lines) while you read!

If safety is your thing, SIGNificant and such make sure we keep things honest and keep trade secrets secret. Paper contracts are just fine, if we are in for a long ride like a book series to publish. Still, I am all for the simplicity of just getting paid for getting things done, and open to your suggestions at all times. I have whipped up a simple quotation as first approximation for a quick look. Don't run away, now — these prices don't bite.

Did I lay it on too thick for your taste? Did it hit the spot? Read the CV, contact me!

(time to commercialise)

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