rough tl from here
So I live in Paris atm for school, and I've been cooking the Olivier salad (my local friend was pretty surprised it has a French name).

Well, I put the vegs and eggs to boil and we go and drink some wine, then I suddenly realise I forgot to measure the time for eggs. I go scoop one of the eggs out with a spoon, rotate it on the table, it rotates pretty fast so I decide it's boiled hard enough. I change the water to cold and return to my wine... and the weird look courtesy the french friend. Silence ensues. Finally he asks, "why the hell did you rotate that egg?" "well I forgot to set the timer and wanted to see if it's boiled". Silence ensues. He drinks another glass. "Wait, wait. You mean... raw and boiled eggs rotate at different speeds?" "uhh yeah?" At this point my russian friend starts laughing and I realise what the problem seems to be. The french friend goes "NO FUCKING WAY, NUH-HUH"

So we actually begin testing this! He brings friends, they bring MORE friends AND the neighbours, we buy more eggs, boil half of them and I rotate them, and get accused of cheating this time :))) What happens next is like art in its own way: every single one of them lined up, comes and tries rotating the eggs, it still works, their eyes change colour and they go to sit down and maybe revisit their ideas of the world... every single one.

Then one of them says "russians are freaking geniuses", to which I get inspired and show him that dashcam YT vid where a cow-loaded truck keels over and the woman tears the bumper off the truck. Of course he goes very silent then says: "you guys are off the charts. really sorry about America, they're expecting this from you and you do that. I really don't want France to fight Russia. We've lost once, and I probably know why. Your logic is incalculable." Made me happy for some reason, also our wine was still out there catching air...